Metro Phoenix housing market has best month in a decade April just might have been the best month for metro Phoenix's housing market in a decade. Foreclosures fell to the lowest level since 2006. Homebuilding continued to rebound. Phoenix kept its spot as one of most affordable big metro areas for ...
More Phoenix homeowners have equity now Fewer metro Phoenix homeowners are underwater now, according to CoreLogic. Approximately 19.5% of the Valley's homeowners owed more than their house is worth as of June 30, down from 21% at the end of this year's first quarter. At the worst of the housing cra ...
Phoenix-area home sales, prices cool in July In Metro Phoenix, both sales and prices dipped in July. Home sales fell 4.5% and the median home sales price inched down to $210,000 compared with June, according to the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. The housing market's mode ...
Ariz. homebuilders offering deals New-home prices across metro Phoenix soared too high and too fast in 2012 and 2013 for many buyers to handle, leading to a slump in sales. Home prices have dropped slightly this summer, and builders are trying to lure buyers by offering incentives that include lowe ...
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News Article From: 09-09-2013

How Mom and Dad Can Gift a Piece of the House For tax purposes
, the IRS considers a gift of equity the same as a cash gift, subject to maximum allowable annual tax-exemption limits. That amounts to $14,000 a person in 2013. However, each parent can give $14,000 to both a husband and wife, for a nontaxable sum of $56,000. These annual gifts are not counted toward the parents' lifetime federal estate-tax exemption. Parents who want to give more than the $56,000 allowed under the annual gift-tax exemption may prefer to claim the gift under the lifetime estate-tax exemption instead. Read article - Yahoo! Finance
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